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tisdag 23 juli 2019 VECKA 30
Elektroniktidningen publishes contributed articles written by technology experts in the industry or the academia. The selection of articles is exclusively based on the qualities of its content as judged by Elektroniktidningens editorial board.

Contributed articles, magazine

Each issue of Elektroniktidningen contains two or three contributed articles, written by technology experts in the industry or the academia.

The content is determined by the feature of each issue. A list of upcoming features can be found here (link). Each article should describe one or more technology trends within the scope of the feature, and simultaneously highlight advantages and disadvantages of one or more technical solutions.

If you wish to suggest an article for publishing in Elektroniktidningen, please email the text or a brief synopsis thereof (in English or Swedish) to editor Anna Wennberg, Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.. We need your suggestions at least five weeks before the publishing date.

The text should have a length of 8 000 – 10 000 characters (in the Swedish version).

  • We offer a translation service for a nominal fee of 450 Euro per article – English to Swedish

Technical Papers, online

Technical Papers are a series of white papers on electronics and embedded systems design written by engineers, researchers or other experts in the field. The papers are published in Swedish on the Elektroniktidningen website (

To suggest an article for publication, contact Jan Tångring, embedded editor of Elektroniktidningen, at +46734 17 13 09, Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den..

If the article is accepted for publishing on our website (HTML and PDF) we'll charge a layout cost of 75 EUR/page for the PDF-version.

  • Url links, you can choose to add 1-3 links at the end/bottom of the article.
    Price: 450 EUR (max 3 links).
  • We offer translations service – English to Swedish.
    Price: 0.33 EUR/word.
By submitting an article for consideration, the author gives Elektroniktidningen the publishing rights in print as well as in digital form.

Elektroniktidningen withholds the rights to select or refuse any submitted article, as well as edit for length and/or clarity.

A contributed article:
  • Should be recently written and not previously published in Swedish outside of Elektroniktidningen.
  • Should contain 1 to 4 illustrations (charts, diagrams, photos, screen shots etc), with explanatory captions.
  • Must be accompanied by a short presentation (500-800 characters) and a digital photo of the author.
Our own translation service tries to avoid using verbatim ”bureau style” translations, instead focusing on conveying the author's intents, using proper technical terminology and idiomatic Swedish. Translations supplied by you should be produced with the same level of ambition.

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